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Quipco Camping chair is a great choice for all your outdoor activities. On the river banks while camping, at the park after a stroll and on the field during a family trip. Take it anywhere, anytime. This chair is durable and compact.

The armless design reduces weight and fewer moving parts make this chair hassle free. Nylon fabric is comfortable and dries quickly, eliminating that "wet butt" syndrome when you sit down. This chair can be folded and therefore will save space.


- Strong load-bearing and durable.
- Easily Portable.
- Lightweight and easy to fold and carry.
- The chair is made with high quality nylon fabric.
- Comes with a cover to fold and store the chair.
- Made in India


Height:18 inches
Weight Capacity: 125 kgs
Chair Weight: 3.2 kgs

Camping Chair Large