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The Alpinist Ultralight Warm gloves check all the right boxes: they are windproof, reflective and above all, comfortable.

These gloves will keep you warm on your motorbike or bicycle ride, while on a hike or trek to Himalayas, or while leisurely traveling around cold areas. You could use them as it is or as undergloves, depending on the temperature and the application.


- Hybrid gloves... as it can be worn on their own or as an underglove.
- Ensuring effective protection against the cold and wind.
- Well-fitted Unisex warm gloves for men and women.
- Slightly brushed inside ensures softness, comfort and good protection against the cold.
- Close fitting construction and a thin stretch fabric that preserves a very good sense of touch.
- Superior breathability and easily washable.
- Extremely lightweight, you won't even notice you're wearing them.
- Made of quick-drying material, ensuring comfort.
- Reflective branding elements for extra visibility after dark.

Alpinist Ultralight Warm Gloves

Color: Black